Top 5 Coronavirus Scenarios for U.K Employers

As we accelerate rapidly towards the third stage of the UK Governments Four Stage Covid-19 Plan, how sure are you that you will manage these highly likely scenarios?

Scenario 1 – Your employee turns up to work with symptoms but insists they are fit and able to work, but there is clearly a risk to other staff. What exactly are the Directors responsibilities?​​​​

Scenario 2 – Your employee is self-isolating but has no symptoms or instruction from the NHS – How should you deal with this? ​​​​​​

Scenario 3 – Your employee is fit and healthy but their dependants require care at home due to illness or school closure. How much do you have to pay them?

Scenario 4 – You need to shut your business due to lack of customers or possibly to reduce the risk of employee infections. Do your contracts contain the correct clauses to enable you to do this effectively?

Scenario 5 – Your employee is claiming that she is being bullied by other employees because she has displayed minor symptoms of the virus. What are your obligations and how should this be handled?

IMPORTANT: Save money and minimize the risk of disruption to your business by being proactive.

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