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Distribution and Marketing includes, selling, packing, advertising and transportation in the U.K and E.U. Get professional support to maintain and grow your business with confidence. Maximize business profitability with expert guidance in all aspects of your business. Whether you have a product or service we have the solution for your business social media and marketing needs.

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Established in 1981 yr  in Poland and based  in the UK since 2004 yr, we offer a personal service in Sourcing (locating), Purchasing and Supply of many varied Foods, Candles, Bags, Belts, Watches for our clients in Poland, United Kingdom and  European Union. We also offer World-wide Exporting Service to Selected countries and other business services. Contact us for more info

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We manufacture quality candles. Wide range of decorative candles, scented candles, bespoke candles and reed diffusers featuring organic materials, styles and designs. We deliver candles quickly and cost effectively to anywhere in England, Wales, Scotland and other EU countries. Visit our whole sale and online store  at All-candles-wholesale.co.uk

Mycelium Technologies

Mycelium, when harnessed as a technology, helps replace plastics that are rapidly accumulating in the environment. ... All these benefits come with little environmental cost: the process of growing mycelium results in limited waste (mostly compostable) and requires minimal energy consumption. Become a licensee of our technology.

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