How we approach changes to our lifestyles caused by orders to stay home?.


We all have been affected by the mandatory order to stay home which has had our lives turned upside down. Therefore, whereas we are held back from performing our everyday activities, we have to keep on playing according to what is expected from all of our many roles. We have now time to maintain our relationships with our loved ones in significantly different ways.

According to Dr. Donald Kissinger, who doubles up as both a local counselor and a professor from the Franciscan University,

“The change brought by the order to stay home has been a massive adjustment for everybody. We have a major rise in cases of depression, anxiety, and at times behavioral changes that is a direct impact of these changes.”

Accepting reality

Therefore, in light of this, how do we best approach all of these changes? Some experts had provided several tips to cope with the challenges of the challenging times.

You should accept the realities of the times. Since usually, families are always all over the place, and now there is enough time to change their family dynamics. Have some patience with yourself. Have some patience for your spouse, children, and other people. Everyone feels the heat of the stay of home order.

Create a schedule

To help make this a little easier, you can create a schedule or a routine close to the lifestyle you were used to, with very few changes you can add. If you normally wake up every morning and send off the kids to their schools, I would now wake up at the same time and prepare and take breakfast. Then I would make the kids have school lessons in the mornings. It becomes a lot easier if kids do things early during the day than have them doing it later during the day.

Push yourself for growth

The stay home order has allowed us to improve our life patterns. We have this time of inactivity, we can easily evaluate our lives and seek for improvement. Be aware that things will come to normal. A final tip that we have recommended it to going out and getting some exercise.

Terry Dehamer, a chemical dependency counselor, as well as a social worker says, everybody is affected by the order to stay home.

“Know that everyone is stressed out. Therefore, all we have to do is really to give each other grace,” she had said.

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