B.H.Z Ninexl M. A Eiznemn, the owner of all-candles-wholesale.co.uk, announced the sales results in the first quarter of 2018.

Total net sales increased by 77.89% to 8.151 SKU’s compared to 4.582 SKU’s in the fourth quarter of 2017. Excluding retail sales and eliminating exchange rate fluctuations, sales increased by 84.7% y / y. Retail sales of candles amounted to 1,769 SKU’s in the fourth quarter. Forecasts for 2018 predict sales in the UK market of candles worth £ 442.1 million in sales at the level of 45.000 SKU’s, which will mean a year-on-year increase over 100%

Nemia Abarro  – PR officer in all-candles-wholesale.co.uk – in the commentary on the results, she paid attention to new products, i.e. personalised candles with advertising printing as one of the key products in the group of pillar candles. – Only in the first month since the product was presented, we received orders for 5,500 SKU’s

Customers in the United Kingdom are already buying Polish candles in our warehouse and online store from June 2016 in four categories: Pillar Candles, Decorative candles, Scented Candles and Dinner candles category, and the number of customers has increased five times a year.

We offer candles for wholesale, catering and retail – Fast and efficiently to anywhere in England, Wales and Scotland. We provide the highest quality products produced in factories in the United Kingdom and Poland. We obtain our products from companies and people who implement sustainable and ethical solutions in environmental and social matters.

B.H.Z Ninexl M. A Eizenman Sales Report for it’s candles business
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